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Start learning Jazz Violin today or increase your studies in swinging, improvised music! Mic Oechsner teaches in German and English – mostly online.

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Just found this in old family folders… 🙂



In November Mic Oechsner will release his new concept solo album CHOROS (Greek for „space“).

This 13 song compilation will deal with the phenomenon space in any kind of contemporary meaning:

“Space” is an enormously important term in our time: overpopulation, over-tourism, climate crisis, (and thus) scarcity of living space, migration, considerations of escaping into space, to another planet. Our space is limited, it is getting smaller and smaller. How do we deal with it? Will we flee? Will we destroy each other until there are only a few of us left? Or will a natural disaster wipe out humanity? Will a few survive and start over? Or will we set off for new planets in spaceships? If space becomes scarce, will space be the only thing left for us? 

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In this new video section Mic Oechsner presents some special tiny phenomena of jazz violin.

Enjoy today’s episode #1: Improvisation on D!

Latest Studio Recordings

Recorded February 2024

I did this following recording on request from a friend in 2021. It is for sure originally a tune for wind instruments, so I loved the challenge to play it on violins! Enjoy!

Here is a more modern sounding tune played on my electric 5-string violin: Invitation. I used to play this back in the 1980ies with my first quartet…

Here are 4 Tunes we recorded earlier in 2023:

Mic Oechsner, violin
Gidon Oechsner, solo & rhythm guitar

Latest CDs

„Giardino Pubblico“ – Solo-Double-CD, 2016

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New CD in 2018:

Mic Oechsner’s GRAPPELLISSIMO! plays „Gipsy Christmas“

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