String Theory

„In essence, String Theory describes space and time, matter and energy, gravity and light, indeed all of God’s creation… as music.“ (Roy H. Williams, author)

The trio’s newest project explores the sound-reflection of various surroundings such as churches, nature and urban space. Out of the very moment, the three musicians take their improvising to another level. Two violins and a cello embrace the art of composing spontaneously, each in their own, incomparable voice.
Considering the architecture and history of the places their concerts are played in, the space of the in-between becomes alive.

Press Comments

Press article by Jörg Duit (ORF, Wien) on the occasion of the festival concert on the island of ELBA (Italy), Easter 2019 (

Wide musical horizon, curiosity, enthusiasm, attentive, permeably lively dialog – all this, plus the communication between generations in particular build a solid and grounded, same as light-footed basis in Alternative Strings Trio for an exciting, sensitive as well as hazardous playing music on an advanced level. 

Students and teacher are meeting there – in fact generations – and totally aware they leave classical patterns, which could easily arise from this constellation; teaching and learning are put upside down, thoroughly given a good shaking and are mutating dynamically and vibrant into a collective give and take.

Ensemble founder Mic Oechsner converted his former master students Maria Salamon and Clemens Sainitzer from his improvisation school Alternative Strings in Vienna for this musical project. From their actual repertoire the three musicians filter an improvisational capability which is subtle, funny, generous and reverent on the one hand, courageous and self-confident on the other – the Great American Songbook could easily be turned into a shoal soup of rewarmed popular songs. The trio is aware of this and beats any prejudices with an inviting smile, confident enthusiasm and wide cultural empathy.

From the liner notes of  „Body, Soul & Strings“:
Mit „Body, Soul & Strings“ gehört das Alternative Strings Trio zu den eindrucksvollsten Vertretern der wachsenden Zahl von Streichern, die den seit Zbigniev Seifert etwas aufgelassenen, zugewucherten Pfad zum Jazz wieder frei geschlagen. Und es zeigt wie kein anderes Ensemble, mit wie viel Vergnügen er zu begehen ist.

(Oliver Hochkeppel)

„Ultralässig und beschwingt!“


„Nochmals herzliche Gratulation, es war ein Ohrenschmaus der besonderen Art!“

Group Info

Yes, originally this band was planned as a string quartet. But in the meantime the three string players don’t see any reason for a fourth instrument – not only because leader Mic Oechsner changes from normal to octave violin and even to viola for some tunes. No – the trio is perfect as it is: Everybody in the band is able to play solo, rhythm or harmonic comping – just as required. 

With his former two master students string school founder Mic Oechsner has set up a string trio that is able to improvise and play groove similar to a New York jazz band. And there is no written music except lead sheets on their stands.

Alternative Strings Trio offers a wide range in its program: jazz standards from the Great American Songbook as well as folk songs from the Balkany and free concept improvisations.


   Listen to last CD:

„Blue Bossa“ from the album „Body, Soul & Strings“ 2013

„Bei mir biste schejn“ from the album „Body, Soul & Strings“ 2013

„Night and day“ from the album „Body, Soul & Strings“ 2013

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We will play our new program „Canzoni d’Italia“ in the street in Vienna! Visit us on Tuesday, 24th of August at 12 h in front of subway station Burggasse Stadthalle!


Missed the concert @ Vekks Vienna? No problem – stream it on the concert stream page!


Missed the concert? No problem – stream it on the concert stream page!


Concert tomorrow @ Wolfgangskirche / Kirchberg am Wechsel – looking forward!


We are preparing a new album – wich we will record in September. In a church! Stay tuned & follow us!